Beechworth VIC March 2022

Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th March 2021

Beechworth Victoria Australia

A Ripper Of A Bitcoiners Weekend

Come and meet some of your fellow Aussie Bitcoiners


Beechworth Servicemens Memorial Hall

Many thanks to Bitcoin Moon Fund for covering hire costs of the hall

The hall is magnificent with plenty of room for everyone to congregate, there’s a side room well equiped for the presentations some bitcoiners will be scheduling.

The hall is surrounded by beautiful shaded parks with plenty of tables and benches.


Attendees make their own accommodation bookings, plenty of airbnb and motels in Beechworh.


Friday night arrivals: Hibernian Hotel

Saturday and Sunday 10.00 am at the hall.

Please bring something to sell for sats! Something you’ve made, something useful you’ve got spare, something rare – this is adding to the circular bitcoin economy: – Buying things you need with BTC – Earning BTC from selling things

Their will be several presentation and discussions but they are yet to be scheduled.

Building Your Digital Fortress


Bitcoin and Tax


Surviving and Thriving During The Great Reset


Know thyself .. reflections on self-reflection


How to Survive and Thrive during The Great Reset


How to win using seed word passphrases


Homesteading and organic Market Gardening – Moving towards Food Sovereignty


Lightning lessons from a node runner


How bitcoin and bitcoiners helped Tongans get back on their feet


Demos/Workshops/Practical stuff

Setup and run an S9 Bitcoin miner – Punching seedwords into stainless washers – Hands-on advice for privacy and security and what else you need help with.

Group discussion topics

How to destroy Bitcoin

Favourite bitcoin tool/product/service

Most successful orange-pilling approach

Bitcoin Moon Fund

A huge thanks to the Bitcoin Moon Fund for covering the expenses of all Bitcoin Bush Bash events held around Australia